It isn't as simple as it seems to be

by Cory Peak

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released February 1, 2017




The Peaks Iowa


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Track Name: My Girl
my girl is just perfect for me
oh yeah she makes me feel like number o.n.e.
oh yeah i don't need no infidelity

when we are out on the town playing all our favorite sounds
you know it's hard to get down

you have that look in your eye that makes me quick realise
i am the luckiest guy

she sure can light up a room
the faint at heart are all doomed
and when our love is in bloom
she puts my heart back in tune
Track Name: Playin' Rock n' Roll
got me a guitar and i got a couple pairs of shoes
got a job keeps stressin me out that i can't afford to loose

had to shut off the tv cause i couldn't take the news
got myself a sweet sweet baby but i can't help but singing the blues

you and i we both know that it's hard to keep control
been trying for so long to cover up these holes

godamnit, lately i feel like i've lost my soul
ain't much that brings me joy these days besides playin rock n roll
Track Name: Lost Boys
i see you right outside my window baby
and it's giving me the chills

some people might think that it's scarey
but it just gives me the thrills

so fly on in a little closer
and we'll dissolve what's in between

like a ghost, with a sheet that's really clean

wrap your tape around my face now baby
til i can no longer breathe

like a ghost, a little ghost that cannot see
Track Name: Let's Live
when the morning is upon my face
you cross my mind, my heart begins to race

everything we've made together, everything we do
will turn to dust along with me and you

so let's live the way we want to and forget the rest
i've never been fond of being told how i should dress

let's live the way we need to and forget the rules
i've never quite liked the idea of being someone's fool
Track Name: Noun
you are in shambles
aren't we all
your mind it rambles
from all the calls
you are here with me
inside my heart
i know somehow we're all a part of the same circle
that connects everyone who's ever felt the way we do

words can be hard to define
some things are so hard to find
imitating my favorite singers
is the best way to get by

lets see how long we can hold our breathe
i can count for you and you can count for me
let's see..

29 people are in the room
looking at you
i wonder what just one of them is thinking
maybe two

i'm blinded by so many things
one of them are _____
another one is ______
and another will be _____